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A revelation regarding Peter Capaldi's Doctor, plus books


Last night, I was attempting to explain to a friend why I love the Twelfth Doctor so much when, let’s be fair, he’s a colossal jerk who is utterly dismissive of everyone around him and just plain mean to Clara. And I was arguing that he’s the cantankerous old man who slowly warms up, the wizardly grandpa or uncle sort, insert various other clichés regarding the First Doctor.

Except then I realized I wasn’t talking about the First Doctor at all, because I honestly don’t know the First Doctor very well—I’ve seen maybe four or five episodes, not even whole stories, unless you count “An Unearthly Child” as a standalone. No, the reason I irrationally love the Twelfth Doctor so much is because of a completely different character.

Because who is the Twelfth Doctor? He’s a grumpy, callous, cold, Scottish man in a nice suit who has a long history of using his unparalleled resources to go on amazing adventures. He’s Scrooge McDuck pre-nephews. My ENTIRE CHILDHOOD has programmed me to love him!

Anyway, some thoughts on books.

My Little Po-Mo 2 is chugging away. The content is 100% finalized and formatted for print, I’m just waiting on the final cover design to send it to the publisher. The cover designer says she should have it for this weekend. After that it’s 2-3 weeks to get and check the proof. While I’m waiting on the proof copy, I’m going to do the formatting for the e-book version, so I can launch both the same day.

The Very Soil has been kind of my odd project out the last few weeks, but my plan is to knock out most of the content and reading for my new AUSA panels this weekend, and get back on track with The Very Soil in the coming week. Goal is to send it to the editor before AUSA. Still hoping for a Cyber Monday release, but that’s foolishly optimistic.

Considering fleshing out and reorganizing my Utena and AtLA comments, adding some cites, maybe tossing in some of the Madoka articles that aren’t part of The Very Soil and calling it an essay collection on anime. Would there be any interest in that if I did it? I’d probably have to Kickstart it, is why I ask.

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God is dead



i know we’ve all decided Homura is the devil (she said so herself!), but consider this:

what if she is meant to be a stand-in for humanity?

"Gott ist tott."

Homura’s familiars chant that famous line of Nietzsche’s. “God is dead. God remains dead. and we have killed him.”

taken literally,…

Nicely put! Definitely a solid read of Rebellion that could lead interesting places.

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